Texas Carbine is the newest shooting club in Corpus Christi and we offer monthly Tactical Carbine and Pistol matches as well as regular 3GN style Shotgun and MultiGun matches at the Starry range. Our goals are to provide a safe and challenging shooting experience and do our best to ensure that everyone has a good time.

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August 17th
September 7th

17 AUG - Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls today found 28 guns challenging Texas Carbine's five fun rifle stages.  Welcome to our new shooter Eddie Chambliss, thanks for coming out.  Thank you to everyone who came out to help set up Saturday.  Also thanks to those who helped this morning, and most especially those who helped put everything away after the match.

This week’s match featured a complementary dermabrasion on Stage 3 thanks to Mother Nature.  Gosh the wind was whipping.  The glasses got a good polish.  We ate enough sand during that match that we weren’t too hungry for our after match lunch.

We instituted our new TC MAX TIME SCORING on Stage 3 this week and it worked very well. This new scoring method will be used on all future stages that are all steel.

Ken Dog almost got a new name thanks to our Texas speech patterns; several shooters thought we were saying Ken Doll.   One shooter even commented that he looked kina buff so that’s why he thought we were calling him that.

Even though this month has five Sundays we are not having a match on the 31st “it just too damn hot”.   In addition to five Sundays, this August has five Fridays and five Saturdays. This is a very rare happening every 823 years, so that means Ben I and Brass Catcher have only seen this once before, just kidding!

On a serious note, Rod Henderson announced that he has stage four cancer of his tonsils and is starting treatment Monday.  He is in good spirits and shot the match today.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 

Next match is pistol on September 7th.   Remember this is the match that Your Beloved Maytag has issued his “Fatwa”, that all Real Men should shoot a 1911 in 45 ACP, girly men and real girls may use a lesser caliber.  Please understand you may still participate with the handgun of your choice, it’s just Maytag stirring the pot! 

Maytag and Nightmare's thanks to Hal9000 and his daughter Jessie for doing the scores today.  Thanks to those who came out and help set up and those who stayed after to help tear down.

Finally, Nightmare is in Yankee Ville (Boston for a friends's daughters's wedding in Maine next weekend) as of this writing and the delay iin scores posting is due to that fact that he was out having fun with friends this evening even though HAL9000 got the files to him a good bit earlier.

Seeya next time,


The TC Gang


We're going to leave this shot of Jen and Spider up for awhile because it's such a great photo and we miss our good buddy every day.


Thanks for this one, Gord




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