Texas Carbine is the most popular shooting club in Corpus Christi and we offer monthly Tactical Carbine and 3Gun matches as well as regular 3GN style Shotgun matches at the Starry range. Our goals are to provide a safe and challenging shooting experience and to do our best to ensure that everyone has a good time.

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June 7th

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15 MAY - Unfortunately, Mother Nature got us again with all the rain we had today. The range probably got the same amount as we did here up the road which was 2.25 inches. That on top of the nearly two inches we had earlier in the week and the four inches the week before, there's no way we can set up and shoot the match in those muddy and slippery conditions.

Let's hope for better weather luck at the Shotgun match on, SATURDAY, May 30th.

07 MAY - We will be holding our quarterly shotgun match on SATURDAY MAY 30th. This will allow any shooters who choose to shoot the USPSA match on Sunday at CCP&RC a chance to get in a little pistol practice the day before. Yes, our match is advertised as a shotgun match but it will be all steel at pistol/shotgun distances so you can shoot either type of gun.

An all-steel match is ALWAYS a lot of fun and we hope many of you can make it.

03 MAY - What a spectacular day for shooting and for our 3Gun match. It looks like the dark cloud over the Corpus shooting sports may have finally passed.

Anyway, we had 32 intrepid souls come out to play at our first 3Gun trial match designed by R&R designs. R&R both put in a LOT of time creating the courses of fire and setting up those stages and we want to thank them both very much. As we mentioned previously, we’re going to try out 3Gun on our previous pistol match weekend for six months and if the interest is there, we’ll make it permanent. So please, PLEASE make yourselves be heard and give us your opinions on the subject.

Among those 32 folks were: Randall G., Chip M., Jeff B., Dan W., and Fred P. All five of these were new TC shooters and one of them had never shot a competitive match in his life. Even more impressive is that Fred came all the way from McAllen, Tracy was also from the Valley, and Dan drove all the way from Houston to shoot our match! Many thanks to all of you for your interest in Texas Carbine and we hope we lived up to your expectations.

The Kindle tablets worked well once again and we hope those of you who were partial to styluses in another life, felt at home with those we picked up for the tablets. You can thank HAL9000 for those. (Thanks, Hal.)

PractiScore also didn’t let us down and the scores for the match were posted by 3:30pm.

Our next match will be normal Carbine on the 17th and it looks like we might be cooking up an all-steel shotgun match for the 5th Sunday in May which is the 31st. Stand by for details.

OK, thanks again to the small, regular group who joins us on Saturday for set up. That is without a doubt the single largest amount of volunteer help we get and it is appreciated tremendously. Of course, thanks to those who tore down their own stages and to those who helped store the props.

See ya next time...

The TC Gang

We're going to leave this shot of Jen and Spider up for awhile because it's such a great photo and we miss our good buddy every day.


Thanks for this one, Gord




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