14 AUG - Well Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us.  We called the match before arriving at the range to help those coming from out of town. On arrival at the range the rain had stopped and didn’t rain again.  The ground was very muddy in bay one, two and four and which would have made movement unsafe and patching targets a pain in the ass.  It would have dried up but we erred on the side of safety.  We hope to see everyone at TC Steel on the 28th and we will try these stages in September.
26 JUN -Thanks to the 53 guns that came out today for our June Carbine Match. Five fun stages and lots of new shooters. Welcome Ray R., Bill B., Jim L., Jimmy L., Cody L., Lonnie M., and Jim M.  Thanks to EOD John, Billy Carbine, El Whitemore guy, Rusty F. and Ryan O., who came out to set up on Saturday.  Thanks to those who stayed to take the stages and put things away after the match. 

This match we started providing Ice Water for those who didn’t bring any or enough.  We will continue this practice throughout the hot months. 

On another matter our thought and prayers go out the victims and families of the shooting this weekend in Orlando.  Evil has come to our shores once again, and anyone can be in the wrong place at the right time and become a potential victim.  If you are licensed to carry please always do, if you don’t have your license then get one and carry to protect yourself and your family. 

Our next match is TC Steel on June 26th.  This match will have one blind/surprise stage. 

After today’s late finish the Core Group will be reviewing our squading policies to help even things out so we all finish close to the same time.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know. 

Again thanks to everyone who joined us today and we hope to see you again soon. 

24 MAY - Great day very fun stages with 38 guns coming out for some steel shooting.  The only down thing today was or I should say things is the firkin mosquitoes. OMG they were bad. It is nice to see our members enjoying the match and we welcome 3 new shooters to the TC family, Ryan O, Matt C., and Dustin A.  We sincerely hope you had a good time and will be back for the next match.

We are saying farewell to Aram C., his bride and new baby as they have been transferred to the east coast.  We are also saying so long for a while to Duane M. who is off to Colorado for the summer.

A big thanks to Justin Credible who came out early on Saturday and got all of the targets out and on the stages before anyone else got there.

Saturday, May 21st was Armed Forces Day and Monday, May 30th is Memorial day and with that we want to thank all of our active duty and veterans as we remember all those who have sacrificed to make this the greatest country that has ever been.

We will not be holding a match on May 29th, (5th Sunday of May).  Our next match will be our normal monthly Tactical Carbine Match on June 12th.   Hal9000 might even break out the much talked about but never brought out 22TCM pistol.  The stages will be posted to our forum in a week or so.   Thanks to everyone who came out today and we hope to see you again real soon.

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