10 MAY- Thanks to everyone who came out today to shoot with us on Mother’s Day.  We had 29 guns with three new shooters Tye P., Chris M., and Kisha M. It was great to have you with us and we hope you join us again real soon.  For those of you who were not there the match had a couple of moving targets, the Bridge from Hell and some prone shots, just to keep things interesting.

Thanks to Rod, Tye P, Super Doug, and Hal 9000 who helped Maytag set up the stages.  Also, a big thanks to everyone who stayed to help put everything away.  While we are thanking folks thanks to Blue Streak Fabrication for the great new rack to store our T-posts on. 

Our next match is the May 22nd and it will be the TC Steel format which allows anything but centerfire rifle calibers. 

We are not hosting a match on the 29th so we hope you will take the time out from grilling to give thanks to all of the brave men and women who have given their lives to protect our county and allow us to live free. 


25 APR - The rain almost got us but we prevailed and had 41 guns today challenge our five all steel and somewhat muddy courses of a fire.  Three new shooters Randy S., Robert S., and Veronica T. joined us for the fun. Welcome and we hope you had a good time and will be back soon.

Thanks to all who came out and helped set up Saturday and to everyone who stayed to take down and put things away after the match.

We will be posting a poll on our forum this week to determine if there are enough shooters that would be interested in having a match over Memorial Day Weekend.  We are thinking of having either a rimfire or shotgun only match.  Please go to the forum and let us know.  If you are not a member of the forum click the Forum menu link above and register an account.

We are thinking about ordering some Yeti style cups with the TC and Pirates Logo if there is enough interest.  The cost will be around $35.  If you are interested, please let HAL9000 know.

  11APR - We had 31guns today to challenge our five courses of fire.  Three new shooters Ruairidh D., Charles D., and Brad L. joined us for the fun. Welcome and we hope you had a good time and will be back soon.  Welcome back Conejo long time no see and by the way that was a cool fold up. 

We field tested a new remote actuator with zero failures.  The real test will be the next time Copperhead comes out. 

Thanks for Wild Bill, EODJohn, Super Doug, Monkey Boy 2, and Scott Sharp for their help Saturday and to everyone who stayed to take down and put thing away this afternoon.  

As an aside, two years ago last Friday we lost our dear friend, Terry "Spider" Panknin. It hardly seems possible that so much time has elapsed but I think we can take his photo off the homepage. Knowing Terry, he won't mind at all.

Our next match is all steel and you pick the gun, anything but center fire rifle caliber.  


30 MAR - As HAL9000 mentioned, next month we are going to try something a little different.  The second Sunday will be our normal Carbine match which will be pistol and rim fire friendly but the fourth Sunday will be TC Steel.  For the TC steel match you may shoot anything but center fire rifle cartridge.  That’s right rim fire pistol and rifle, shotgun, center fire pistol, and pistol caliber carbines; the choice is yours, classes are normal with normal magazine capacity limits.  The stages will be scenario type with 90 seconds max time.  The stages are not set as of this writing but round count will not exceed 125.

So come on out and give it try and see how you like it

28MAR - It was a great Easter 3Gun match today. Welcome to our newest shooter, Nigel B. We hope you enjoyed the match and we look forward to seeing you at our next match.

On a side note this was our last 3Gun match for awhile. Starting the 4th Sunday in April we will be hosting a pistol, shotgun, & rimfire match. Lots of steel with an occasional pistol/rimfire only match. Our next match will be a carbine match on Sunday, April 10th. Hope to see you there


Great day at the range with good weather and fun people with 38 guns running the five stages.  Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday to setup and to everyone who stayed to help tear down and put things away.

The style award to Heidi A. who “Moon walked” back to the start position when we had to stop her because a prop wasn’t reset.  Style honorable mention to Andrew H. for his near splits on Stage 5 as he slid into the last shooting position.

Special thanks to Rick and Kim for handling sign up with a little help for Barbara V, and for posting the scores.

Remember next match is March 27 for three/two gun.  Come out and bring a friend. 


11MAR - Just a reminder that we switch to Daylight Savings Time Sunday morning at 0200. So, don't forget to set your clocks an hour ahead before going to bed Saturday night.

25 Feb - The Pirates Competitor and Staff photo galleries are now available via

Pirates Photo Galleries

A HUGE thanks to our good friend Gabby for generously volunteering her valuable time to help me with photos on both Saturday and Sunday.

23FEB - The 2016 Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship was a huge success.  What a great time and the weather was fantastic The match ran smoothly thanks to our wonderful staff and scoring was done in record time thanks to PractiScore and Hal9000. 

We want to thank our sponsors Dreadnaught Industries LLC, SWFA, AR15 Targets, Texas State Rifle Association, and Gulf Coast Graphics.  

The stages were both challenging and fun which is a difficult combination to achieve.  Targets ranged from contact to 220 yards.  Five of the seven stages had active moving targets and one stage had the shooter doing a LOT of moving.  On Stage Seven one of the two shooting position moved.  That prop will henceforth be known as “The Bridge from Hell.”

As mentioned previously our staff was fantastic most of whom came out the weekend prior to the match to do range cleanup then worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to setup and run the match.  A lot of work goes on months prior to match day and we want to thank Nightmare and Hal9000 for doing most of the pre match prep.

Thanks to all who participated because without our shooters, there would be no Pirates match.  For those of you who missed the match this year good news, we are going to do it again next year.

The Staff and Competitor Photo galleries will be posted soon.


07FEB - Yet ANOTHER huge turnout today with 50 shooters! And the weather was perfect! More new shooters too so thanks to: Devan R., David M., Wendy B., Rady P. We sure appreciate your support and hope to see you again at matches in the future.

This was our last rifle match until Pirates on the 21st but we WILL be having a range cleanup day next Saturday. More on that will go out in an email this week but we'd sure appreciate the help if you're available.

As always, thanks to everyone who helped with set up on Saturday at and who hung around to stow the props after the match. That's where all the work is and we sure appreciate the assistance. Another thanks to Barb V. for helping HAL9000 with morning signup.

Nothing else to report..have good thoughts for nice weather on Pirates weekend...

Seeya on the 21st

The TC Gang

31JAN - The match on the 7th will be the last match before Pirates and the last chance to get a peek at modified versions of the Pirates' stages so come on out if you want to get a leg up. The stages for this Sunday's match will be available on the club Forum in the next few days. We think this will be one of the best Pirates matches to date and we hope you're as excited as we are to shoot it. Speaking of which, only a few slots are still available so get an app in soon if you haven't already.

24 JAN - It sure was a great day for a shooting match and breaking records around here is starting to become normal! Today we set an all-time record for number of shooters at 59! Heck, we needed TWO SIGN IN SHEETS! :-)

We also set a record for new shooters with an unbelievable nine today. We certainly want to thank each and every one of you for joining us; Jose M., Andrew H., Derek M., Ryan C., Jonathan A., Cody K., Jerilyn C., Roy C., and Nick S. We also hope you enjoyed your first TC match enough to bring you back for more in the future.

We added yet ANOTHER new prop to our repertoire today as well, thanks to Sind Zu. To wit, a bridge that unfortunately moves like no bridge should. Definitely challenging to shoot from and we want to sincerely thank R2 for his hard work.

** Schedule Change ** Because our Pirates match is on the third Sunday of February, we are going to move the monthly carbine match to the first Sunday, February 7th.

As always, we are going to have a range cleanup day prior to Pirates and that will be on Saturday, February 13th. Any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated and we’ll send out a mailing list message in advance to let folks know what to bring.

For those who are interested in shooting our Pirates match but as yet have not sent in an application, we have about 15 slots left which probably means there won’t be any slots for walk-ins the day of the match.

Scores are posted and in closing, as always, we would like to thank everyone who helped with the match this weekend and everyone who came out to shoot with us. Your continued support is what keeps Texas Carbine going and we are absolutely, positively grateful for it.

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